Gianluigi Ventre Successful Entrepreneur in The Digital Environment Talks About the Effect of “Believing in You” To Achieve Your Goals

Gianluigi Ventre

Gianluigi Ventre is a well known entrepreneur, his experience in the online financial market and the ability to undertake and inspire others in the pursuit of their goals to achieve financial freedom, have allowed him to have an excellent reputation, in addition to the desired lifestyle by far.

Trips to the most beautiful places in the world and the ability to live where he likes best are two of the greatest achievements this visionary man has ever made. However, not everything in his life has been a success, Gianluigi’s beginnings, possibly like those of many other dreamers of financial freedom, were difficult.

The difference, between any of these young people who have stayed on the road and this successful entrepreneur, has probably been the confidence that Gianluigi has placed from the first moment he decided to start living to achieve his goals.

Effort, preparation, discipline, dedication, studies and a lot of work is what has characterized Gianluigi’s life before getting the results that led him to where he is today. Combined with each of these elements, belief in himself was a determining factor.

Never Give Up

Gianluigi began his experience at a very young age. By the age of 19, he had already managed to make a fortune, due to his poker skills, a game he learned about while studying at the faculty of economics. The fact that his father owned a gaming club allowed him to be closer to and acquire greater skills in this environment.

He participated as a player and as a dealer in various games. While he was also making his way on the internet, playing on different platforms with poker professionals. He advanced notably until he created a bot (automated system) that allowed him to participate in different online games with the same move simultaneously.

However, he didn’t want to stay in it forever, as his real focus was on deepening the functioning of the financial market and growing within this environment.

Different work experiences around numerous cities helped him to learn more about the world of sales and public relations. He even worked as a boxer. All for the sake of continuing to cultivate his dream and raise money for it.

Already with some savings, he decided to start in this world, but, he stumbled upon fake courses and different online scams. Despite this, Gianluigi never thought of stopping his path, on the contrary, this experience taught him the need to make a difference, to transmit confidence, and to have the possibility to offer people transparency, clarity, and real results.

More inspired than before, he carried out his project. Initially, he worked as a collaborator in a network, where his goal was to get more people to join together to get their money. Although he was initially a bit skeptical of the idea, the success he had showed him the reality.

Later on, he started his own company and as an expert he was called to collaborate in a company as a fund manager, achieving profits of 240% and profits over 50%.

If he had given up, he would not have achieved any life-changing results as he has done up to now.

“Normally people tend to discredit everything, so I would say to those who are just starting their business never to give up, even if it is against everyone and everything”, he says.

Cultivate your Mentality

He emphasizes that, although his effort, work, and dedication have allowed him to go far, it is by keeping his mentality focused on objectives, generating self-confidence and encouraging himself to continue overcoming difficulties that have allowed him to advance adequately.

Gianluigi says that sometimes the encouragement and confidence of people who stay by your side is often not very present. However, this is not a reason to give up; on the contrary, he points out that it is to prove to yourself, rather than to others, that you are made and what you can achieve as long as your mentality is right. 

For this entrepreneur, success comes to the extent that you believe you can achieve it and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. If you do not work with a mentality focused on your success, it will never come. It is necessary to believe in yourself to transmit to others that confidence will take you far.

Today, in addition to running his own company, Gianluigi is concerned with guiding others to achieve financial freedom from a culture of personal development. Whether starting a business from scratch or managing your money, he can teach you how to succeed in these areas.        

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