How Can Entrepreneurs Stay Productive During Quarantine

How to survive Quarantine

It very well may be shaking, however it’s an ideal opportunity to rethink and pull together.

To throw more light upon this subject, effective business entrepreneurs share their piece of advise on how to remain and maintain productivity at work while glued to your comfort couches at home.

1. Work On Your ROI: Return On Impact

Jennifer Kem, brand futurist and business strategist, says, “Now is the time to work on your ROI — return on impact to increase your productivity.” Kem has three C’s she recommends to follow during this time to stay productive and keep the momentum going, that is connection, community and creativity.

2. Get Your Tools Right

Amy Porterfield, online business and marketing expert says, “Having the right tools in your business can make all the difference – especially when times are turbulent or in transition. For my remote team, there are three tools that we absolutely cannot live without: Asana, Slack, and Zoom. Asana for project management and task tracking, Slack for our daily conversations and mini celebrations, and Zoom for high quality, reliable video conferencing – so that we can stay connected even through the distance. These, together with a mindset that is primed for productivity and positivity, lay the foundations for success.”

Tactically, this is so spot on. Leaning on software will be crucial during this time, so it’s important to pick out your stack of tools, learn them and start to leverage them to keep you productive. If you are feeling frazzled, set aside an hour to go through tutorials and videos to learn. That hour of focused learning will save you tons of hours later in lost productivity.

3. Mental And Emotional Health Must Be A Priority

Jim Kwik, world-renowned brain performance and accelerating learning expert, says, “WFH (Work From Home) has become the newest acronym to trend in popularity. Except working from home isn’t as easy as those three letters may imply. It takes disciplined focus under ordinary circumstances—and times are anything but ordinary. With the proper tools, we can kickstart productivity while lowering stress. Here’s three of our favorite tips to increase focus while working from home.”

  • Create A Structure – Our brain works faster and responds more spontaneously when set amidst a great routine. It helps our brain from choice exhaustion and can give comfort during seasons of vulnerability.
  • Work Smart – In finding the answer for the work more efficiently equation, the most significant thing is to know the specialty of savvy working.
  • Self-Care – During seasons of pressure, dealing with ourselves turns out to be a higher priority than at any other time. In any case, self-care isn’t exclusively about eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, or getting day by day work out, however those are crucial parts. It likewise implies dealing with our psychological and enthusiastic wellbeing.

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