Reinventing Your Business In COVID – 19’s Time: Sam Geller Shares Some Tips To Get Your Business Back On The Road

Sam Geller

Reinventing oneself went from being an optional aspect of the business environment to become an obligation. The need to find a way to keep functioning is an aspect that has become common in companies and entrepreneurs in different areas.

Sam Geller and his personal brand have been an example of this. And like many other entrepreneurs, Sam Geller, a specialist in criminal defense, also saw his work affected by the paralysis of activities, forcing himself to look for new ways to continue his personal and professional growth.

Sam Geller has a wide trajectory in the area of the Law. His practice of more than seven years has allowed him to reap a great number of achievements and learning that has led him to obtain the recognition of clients and colleagues, among others.

However, COVID – 19 represented an obstacle for his professional and personal development. And it is where Sam Geller, saw the need to start pivoting in order not to stop his work and growth, even in difficult times.

Pivoting in COVID – 19 times

Like many entrepreneurs, Sam Geller initially considered that the expansion of the COVID – 19 wouldn´t represent such a relevant aspect and believed that after a few weeks we could “return to normal”.

The time that passed showed him that it was not as he expected and that the virus wouldn´t only transform the world health situation, but also the business context. At this point, he stresses that it was at this point that he began to think that he had to take more profound actions to continue moving forward. “I had to pivot”.

In the dictionary, “to pivot” means to move. At the business level, this concept is related to the need to discard ideas originally established in the business model to improve and ensure the company’s profitability.

It is nothing more than modifying or optimizing important activities in a business to continue with efficient and sustainable growth. And this is what Sam Geller’s pivotal point refers to.

As a result of the pandemic, this law professional decided to take new actions necessary to continue in his business area. To continue providing his services and contributing to society.

Not only focusing on the profitability of his company, but also on how to continue reaching out to society, providing valuable content, during this situation that the world is going through.

How to pivot in Covid’s time? This is the way Sam Geller did it:         

Be part of the solution

One of the main aspects that Sam claims to have discovered during this process is the need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Certainly, COVID – 19 has generated a great transformation in the social and business context. And it is there where he highlights the need to initiate actions from innovation as part of the process of solving at least for his company.

Considering all the possible options and making use of the different resources offered by technological advances, he managed to consider several possible actions to continue his work and comply with the rules established for the prevention of the virus.

Attitude is the ticket to success

“It’s all about attitude and disposition.” At least that is what this lawyer predicts, pointing out that, although at first, it represented a challenging aspect to have to face this whole situation. His mentality remained always in the intention of finding solutions to move forward favorably.

The willingness to do so and the possibility of seeing that it was possible were determining factors in finding the right answers.  

Creating valuable content

Within the horizon of possibilities, Sam claims to have discovered that content plays a powerful and transcendental role in reaching people. He decided to make use of different platforms to generate valuable content.

In this context, he points out to make calls through ZOOM, to answer with professors and students of different universities, for guidance in legal matters, he has created videos in different platforms that have gone viral, because of their content in legal issues. And so many other strategies that have allowed him to continue contributing to society, even in this process. 

Generating connections

Likewise, all these aspects, he says, have allowed him to generate connections with people who have similar interests to his own. And he has managed to establish new innovative and strengthening proposals for both him and his firm.

From all this, Sam Geller assures that seeing the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate, reinvent, and grow even more has allowed him to have greater possibilities. He emphasizes that entrepreneurs are in a great moment to generate ideas and execute them properly, which could offer better results even in critical moments.

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