iAmLife Pioneers the Concept of “Social Selling”


iAmLife –a leading content creation platform, has come up with the revolutionary concept of Social Selling to promote high-quality content to several other networks easily.

iAmLife is a leading content creation platform –allowing the respective followers to discover rich content through posted videos, products, and much more using the concept of Power Post. iAmLife unveils the benefits social media for promoting its notion of “Social Selling.”

For taking the potential of social media to another level, iAmLife, a social-media-meets-eCommerce platform, enables anyone – from large and small businesses, to creators and influencers to make money from their content, products and social connections. Essentially, iAmLife is the platform pioneering the concept of ‘social selling’ to make creating and running an eCommerce business easy and accessible to everyone, and it’s poised to change the way people look at, promote and undertake the act of using social media as a selling tool.

After Amazon’s well-publicized push-out of small sellers and suppliers in favor of big brands in May 2019, iAmLife could not have appeared at a better time.

“iAmLife was developed to give smaller sellers and micro-influencers a new marketplace to sell their products.” says James Conlin, the CEO at iAmLife, “Our aim was to make social selling as easy as possible and we designed the platform to remove barriers and give smaller sellers the tools to grow and leverage their social networks to sell products and attract paying subscribers for their content.”

iAmLife is simple, familiar, and easy-to use, with sellers able to sign up, connect with friends, set up their store and start selling within minutes. The platform seamlessly integrates with other social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn and Twitter, pooling the total number of followers on the iAmLife platform and enabling users to push out messaging, announcements and promote products to all of their social networks via iAmLife’s ‘Power Post’ function.

The platform is also set to shake up the way brands partner with influencers through their affiliate selling option. This opens up the market of influencer-promoted products, giving micro – and major – influencers the ability to promote and sell products they believe in, while making a percentage of the purchase price for themselves.

“Many smaller-scale brands don’t have the budget to contract influencers on an up-front basis,” says Conlin, “iAmLife enables sellers to determine whether they are open to affiliate sales. If they are, it enables influencers to partner with brands they love and they know their followers will love. It’s a win-win for both the brands or manufacturers find an increase in sales, and influencers get a percentage cut of the business they bring to the brands.”

This feature also enables businesses to measure the returns of their influencer partnerships like never before, with the measurement of influencer ROI being a common challenge for businesses that choose to partner with influencers.

“The platform displays the percentage of products sold through affiliate sales, so it really evens the playing field and allows for a clear, measurable view of the value that influencer partnerships are bringing to a business. Our robust payment system also splits the payment between the seller and the brand or manufacturer at the time of settlement, reducing the volume of accounting work for the brand, and the wait time for commission payments for sellers or influencers,” says Conlin.

The affiliate feature also offers clear benefits for direct marketing consultants. These consultants are known for using social selling as a mainstay in their sales strategies – now they not only have the ability to run their sales campaigns from one platform and distribute to multiple other social channels, they can also take advantage of affiliate sales as well.

iAmLife also offers the option for creators and sellers to enable paid subscribers. This function enables followers to support content creators through monthly, or one-time donations, giving creators, like artists, writers, podcasters, content creators and even early-stage startups the ability to receive backing and make money from their work and ideas.

Looking toward the future, Conlin alluded to some big plans in the works to partner with and support international manufacturers, while still retaining a focus on, and supporting smaller sellers and influencers “We have a lot of exciting initiatives in the works, which we’ll announce over the coming months”.
For more information please visit – https://iamlife.com

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