Jason Sugarman Offers a New eSports Scholarship for Students in the Fullerton Elementary School District


Fullerton Excellence in Education Foundation (FEEF) named Jason Sugarman Philanthropist of the Year in recognition of his past donations and tireless work to mobilize support for the organization.LOS ANGELES, CA – August 20, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ — Prominent financier and dedicated charity donor Jason Sugarman is immensely pleased to announce the launch of an eSports scholarship that will be awarded to students in Orange County’s Fullerton Elementary School District. The program is an initiative undertaken in association with the Fullerton Excellence in Education Foundation (FEEF), which named the veteran private equity investor Philanthropist of the Year in recognition of his past donations and tireless work to mobilize support for the organization.
Established in 2006, the FEEF unites community members and parents in a mission to forge partnerships that will benefit the Fullerton School District. Local residents and large corporations based in the area have been working together to ensure that students have the resources and opportunities to realize their potential in full. Since the very beginning, Jason Sugarman has played an integral part in advancing the FEEF agenda, actively participating in charity events and making generous contributions. Along with the Sugarman Family Trust, he helped the Fullerton Technology Foundation raise nearly $2 million between 2006 and 2013. The proceeds have allowed schools in the district to equip classrooms with laptops, tablets, cameras, microscopes, sound systems, and interactive boards, creating a learning experience fit for the 21st century. According to the financial industry expert, few areas of investment are as important as education, and the patronage of wealthy donors is essential for improving its quality and making it readily accessible.
Jason Sugarman’s support for the new scholarship reflects his belief that eSports is not only a lucrative niche for investors but also an activity that can deliver substantial benefits to students. As a financial backer of Team Liquid, one of the top eSports ensembles in the world, he has witnessed first-hand the opportunities professional competitive gaming can create. School-based extracurricular activities have been found to increase academic achievement and help students develop important life skills, among them persistence, problem-solving, and the ability to prioritize. According to Mark Koski, marketing head at the National Federation of State High School Associations, gaming does the same. “When eSports is in a school setting, players must meet the same academic requirements as other student-activity participants. In our inaugural season, we’ve had some cases where students’ grade point averages have gone up. One of the things we love about eSports is that it’s a no-cut activity. If you sign up, you’re part of the team,” he notes. As reported recently by CNN, eight states have made competitive video gaming a varsity sport, which could help many students in their pursuit of higher education considering that about 80 US colleges and universities have started offering eSports scholarships. “It’s a hobby that [students] are passionate about, and we want to encourage that and give them a pathway to a career in the future, whether that’s as a professional video game player or in a STEM career that helps to develop future games,” Brian Prokes, executive director of Atlanta’s Johnson STEM Activity Center, told CNN.
Jason Sugarman has established himself as a financial industry expert with a stellar track record in the fields of asset-based lending, private equity, and debt investment. A professional with more than 20 years of experience, he has worked on financial services, infrastructure, and real estate projects around the world. He has been running a family office in Beverly Hills, California, since February 2007, and is currently focusing on investments in 5G companies which enhance and enable the eSports industry. To date, Jason Sugarman has made a number of eSports investments which have increased by five to ten times.
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