LVX Token Registers Significant Surge On Play Store Launch

The cryptocurrency market currently finds itself in a very volatile period — one that could easily go either way. However, there are few tokens that perform exceptionally well under the current global pandemic and massive economic downturn. 

One example is LVX, an ERC-20 token, developed by Level01. LVX serves as a native token on Level01’s platform, a peer to peer (P2P) derivatives exchange that has a unique AI to guide traders using trusted data from Thomson Reuters. It’s unique features, most notably the propriety FairSense AI has been featured and talked about on many top press and crypto-related publications.

Why Did LVX Suddenly Skyrocket?

There are a few noteworthy features that separate the Level01 from the rest of the typical exchanges. Unlike others, it offers multi markets trading: Forex, Crypto and Commodity. The derivatives market said to be worth over $1 quadrillion and Level01 is nicely positioned to take full advantage of this market, especially with more people looking for an extra source of income and having more time online due to the lockdowns imposed by many countries to stem the tide of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The platform is a great choice for retail users that are new to the market. Aside from its user-friendly interface, it claims to be the fairest and safest derivatives exchange in the world, through clever use of blockchain technology and big data for security, smart contracts and fast settlements.

It’s proprietary FairSense AI can estimate the risks and rewards of taking a position using trusted data from Thomson Reuters (today known as Refinitiv). This will is likely the most appealing feature to newcomers or retail traders who are aware of the risks associated with derivatives or options trading – giving them the ability to assess the win ratio before entering a trade.

With the hype and publicity surrounding this decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, it is not surprising to see their surging to over 30% gain at press time, upon their app going live on Google Play Store.

We foresee great potential from this company, its token price is merely an indicator. The platform offers a completely reliable way for people to participate in the financial markets while leading the charge of the DeFi initiatives.

It is refreshing to see Blockchain projects like Level01 doing well on the market, in a fast-growing sector like DeFi and going against the current global downturn and uncertainties.

LVX token is currently being traded on .

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