dropped this value bomb on social media marketing in this interview


“We are using Influencers to get in touch with new customers for the first time. We have found this a successful way to help companies to be authentic, gain popularity, and increase sales.” says Luca Kaiser, Head of Influencer Relations for – a social media marketing agency consisting only out of social media natives who started growing their first own Instagram Accounts while still in school. They have amassed a follower base of over three million followers and were already able to make a living out of it, so they realized social media is the right thing to further concentrate on.

After graduating, Silas, Luca, Nicolas and Luca partnered up and started the social media agency Their team advises and manages business’ and celebrities’ Social Media accounts. They use Instagram, Facebook Ads, Influencers and YouTube Ads to sell products and grow the popularity of the brands that they work with. They try to bring their clients’ ideas to life in the most successful way possible while still extending sales and traffic tremendously.

One of their secrets is using “user generated content,” which is high quality content generated by Influencers to help position a brand authentically while advertising. Using this type of content, is able to communicate a brands message authentically. If user generated content is used for advertising in the right way, it helps increasing sales, traffic and conversion enormously so it’s perfect for modern marketing. figured out how to use the algorithms on different platforms and how to benefit from that. They can now use the knowledge they assembled in their clients advantage. These are some of the reasons why so many trust in them, despite their young age. They work together with some of the biggest corporations as well as family businesses. But the thing that matters for each client is that you can reach them 24/7

“Connecting and linking up with a lot of new people is part of their job, that’s also were their name,, comes from. They invited me to join their network and link up with them, so I did and I‘m glad I was able to” concludes Luca Kaiser.


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