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How EdTech Is Playing a Pivotal Role in the Growing Africa’s IT Industry

EdTech uses modern internet networking and software tools to reach students with cutting edge training methods that were previously out of reach. Read on to know more about Amadou Daffe, Ismael Kedir,African EdTech startups and Hiruy Amanuel's Gebeya.

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    The Second Season of King of Bots Becomes the Highest Technology Variety Attracting Heated Discussion at Home and Abroad

    In July 2019, the second season of Robot Fighting Science and Technology Program ‘King of Bots’ has been upgraded and returned. Emma Dumont, an influential Marvel Comics artist overseas, and Zhu Zhengting, Yang Di, Huang Jianxiang and Shen Tao…August 20, 2019 — In July 2019, the second season of Robot Fighting Science and Technology Program ‘King of Bots’ has been upgraded and returned. Emma Dumont, an influential Marvel Comics artist overseas, and Zhu Zhengting, Yang Di, Huang Jianxiang and Shen Tao, were invited to serve as team managers, which attracted great attention from both domestic and overseas audiences. Douban, China’s most authoritative film and television content scoring website, also scored it for 9.0 super high marks. Douban has become the highest scoring technology program in China. It has been a hot topic with good reputation, which has triggered a new wave of robots upsurge at home and abroad.
    Upgrade High Technology of Top Fighting Robots Attracts Domestic and Overseas Attention
    The second season of ‘King of Bots’, as the world’s highest specification 110KG robot fighting event, gathered 66 Fighting Robots representing the strongest strength of the five continents. In addition to the veteran Chinese Fighting Robots players such as Greedy Snake and Two BBQ, there are also top players from all over the world, including the champion of the British Robot Wars—Vulcan. The program has been dedicated to the audience with the world’s top lineup.
    The high-tech upgrade of Fighting Robots also attracted much attention. The program not only added a giant humanoid standing robot which weighing up to 5 kilograms and 3 meters high, but also a new type of Fighting Robots with different shapes, such as the humanoid biped fighting robot “Martian” and the semi-automatic defensive fighting robot “geocentric shovel(Dixinchan)”. In addition, the upgrading of the old Fighting Robots also shows the power of science and technology everywhere: Two BBQ increased from six-sided cutting to more than 100-sided “diamond cutting”; Greedy Snake has the super ability of positive lift, reverse lift and grip. Fighting Robots’ upgrade and innovation embodies the breakthrough and application of science and technology, and also presents a more ornamental event for the audience.
    Pioneering Team Battles Model Leads New Ways and Quality Content Causes Ceaseless Heat Overseas
    Unlike the traditional 1V1 competition system, King of Bots first launched a team battles with the concept of “future legion” in the second season, highlighting the importance of platoon and team cooperation. High-quality program content has also attracted a lot of attention at home and abroad, and the related videos have been watched by netizens with Japanese explanations on NICONICO, YouTube and other video websites. More viewers have spontaneously produced second-generation materials such as Fighting Robots science tabloids. Fighting Robots’ battle makes Fighting Robots go to the public. Social media all over the world triggered a heated debate and continued to form a breaking circle effect.
    The Program Continues to Ignite the Fighting Robots to Promote the Cultivation of Young Talents
    The program’s high reputation and high attention have aroused a heated debate among the whole people; meanwhile, it has also attracted more and more young people to join Fighting Robots Combat. According to incomplete statistics, at present, among the global robot combat fighters, there are many hobbyists from different professions, such as college students, young entrepreneurs, CEO of start-up companies, racing drivers and so on. The King of Bots, which was specially set up in the program, also enables teenagers to acquire the dual growth of skills and psychology by means of competition instead of learning. Through a series of hands-on attempts, King of Bots succeeded in the second season, from popular discussion to participation of the whole people, and set off a new wave of Fighting Robots in the whole country and even in the whole world once again!
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