Thomas Beattie Launches New Company Roquepress


Thomas Beattie has the Midas touch abroad as his companies continue to grow.

One could say that everything that young Thomas Beattie touches turns to gold, his many companies are thriving. Beattie has founded companies such as Roquepress, a web development company based in Singapore which builds websites for people like Shell and Rapzo Capital.

Beattie fell into business after a skull injury forced him out of his career as a professional football player. Today, Beattie is one of Singapore’s most successful entrepreneurs—and eligible bachelors—looking to change the way that people look at business ventures. On Beattie’s website, one can read about the entrepreneur’s ventures, product development as well as his fashion and modeling gigs. Beattie travels all over the globe and speaks on various stages about the changes small businesses must make to keep up in the digital age.

Thomas Beattie stays busy on his Instagram page @iamthomasbeattie, where he connects with thousands of followers looking to find out about his latest venture. Beattie understands the importance of reaching out and ensuring that brands have a strong presence online. Beattie’s business ventures all are in tune with the digital age and use the latest tools available to send a strong brand message to the masses.

The road has not been easy for Beattie but as his exit from sports showed, he is a man that knows how to adapt and overcome. Beattie’s resilience has allowed him to build an empire and yearly income of $10,000,000 a year. Beattie is a prime example of how today’s internet age is allowing entrepreneurs the opportunity to branch out and have a greater influence. The future is already here, and those who wish to make a difference have more tools at their disposal than ever before.

About Thomas Beattie: Thomas Beattie is an entrepreneur, bachelor, model, and one of Singapore’s hottest commodities at the moment. Thomas Beattie is showing aspiring business owners how one can build a business empire with and grit. The young is the head of businesses such as Ovvy app, Hygiene Hub, Latent Epicure, Samara Capital Investments, Shake Farm, Chow social, Roquepress, Sankalpa Group, Alexa homes UK, and TB6.

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