Travel Package Subscription Trends as the New Travel Planning

Travel Package Subscription

One of the most suffered industries during the pandemic was the travel industry. The flights mostly flew to bring people back home, who were either stuck in other countries or in other states. But other than that the whole around travel became miserable as the lockdown got into phases and COVID-19 did not stop to spread. As there was no hope for the vaccine, the airlines started to file for bankruptcy protection. All the tourist hotspots all over the world turned into cold spots. One can imagine what happened to all the local businesses put around these spots.

The travel industry, mostly, is being forced to start fresh. Amongst this chaos sprouting up new idea. One of the the ideas that pulling attraction in the market is travel subscription. Tripadvisor Plus is being launched by Tripadvisor. It is launching a yearly subscription service for US$99, which offers access to travel deals and some other perks too. Likewise, in the US Costco has partnered with WheelsUp to offer a yearly private jet subscription for US$17,499.99.

Besides, some airlines have begun experimenting with travel subscriptions as well. They offer fixed rate flights in for a secure, continuous source of revenue. AirAsia has launched its Unlimited Pass for domestic flights in . Now, they've to launch it out in , Philippines and Indonesia.

Another area where this subscription is that is taking off is when hotel chains offer flexible bookings and benefits for customers where they can stay and work out from any of their hotels across the country. Such subscriptions are sprouting up in countries like Singapore, where specific work packages are being being offered by hotels. In Work Pad package is being launched by Hyatt Centric in Bengaluru along with a lunch subscription plan. A day-use packages for corporate executives is also being offered by hotels like ITC.

Such creativity and flexibility is important in the times we are living. Many local ‘bed and breakfast' spaces are also accommodating workstations and offering good packages based on daily and monthly subscription. Now ‘work from home' is turning out to be ‘work from workstations'.


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