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Calverton, New York – April 23, 2020 – On Monday, April 20, 2020 JZZ Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”)(OTC Pink: JZZI 2020), was flagged by OTC Markets for what OTC Markets referred to as unauthorized promotional activity. The Company has not engaged in any promotional activity within the past week.

JZZ Technologies was not responsible for such promotional activity, and any communications provided by any 3rd party should be disregarded. Additionally, the Company has confirmed with OTC Markets that the Company is not controlled by any person or entity engaged in a promotional activity that has been flagged by OTC Markets..

The company immediately responded to the OTC Markets notification, issuing cease and desist notices to each of OTC Tip Reporter, Secret Stock Promoter, and Market Caliber, the unauthorized sources of such information.  These unauthorized promotional items were distributed via targeted newsletters and controlled websites.

When questioned on why JZZ Technologies had been flagged, OTC Markets advised that “The organization has no control over when a Caveat Emptor is placed on a profile, not does it mean that the company is responsible for such promotional activities.” OTC Markets further advised that, in April alone, “8 other listed companies were flagged which was higher than normal.”

As JZZ Technology looks deeper into the matter and investigation done by OTC Markets, we will continue to provide information to our current and prospective investors.

The Company conducts proper due diligence and exerts editorial control on all authorized third-party disclosures. If any person or entity becomes aware that any materials have been disseminated, without appropriate disclosure, claiming a relationship to JZZ Technologies, it should be reported to press@jzztechnologies.com immediately.

More details about JZZ Technologies, Inc. can be found at www.jzztechnologies.com


Name: JZZ Technologies
Address: Calverton, New York
Organization: JZZ Technologies Inc.
Email: Press@jzztechnologies.com
Phone: 1-917-473-1607
Website: http://www.jzztechnologies.com


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