US Retail Giant Walmart Wants Patent For Blockchain Driven Drone

Walmart Blockchain Drones

Walmart has filed a patent application for a communication system based on technology. With this, the giant, one of the largest companies in the business, wants to patent a communication system.

With the system, the operating parameters of a can be encoded and stored. This allows drones to pass through each other’s locations. This is because the receiving drone can decrypt, read and decrypt the parameters.

Since 2017, the giant has patented solutions for drones. In May 2017, for example, Walmart filed a patent application for a ‘Unmanned Air Delivery to a Safe Place’ system. Walmart has been flirting with cryptocurrencies for some time. Earlier this month, a patent was filed for a digital based on blockchain. According to the documents, Walmart ‘wants to launch a digital currency based on a regular currency such as the US dollar. So, this is really a stable currency.

On May 17, 2018, a patent application was filed for a solution for a market or a second-hand items platform. The application describes a service that records a customer’s purchases in the blockchain. This allows the to resell items on a sales platform using proof of purchase.



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