An Interview with the CEO of Invest Green USA Jacob Newman

Jacob Newman

Hello Jacob, welcome to Startup Fortune. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Hello, I’m Jacob Newman, an entrepreneur, investor and aspiring politician. I was born in Detroit, MI, currently resides in Virginia Beach. I spent most of my professional career in the automotive industry, running multi million dollar dealerships for some of the largest private and publicly traded groups in the world since my early twenties.

You have been widely known as an entrepreneur and investor who brings unique investment opportunities in the cannabis sector, how did it all begin?

To tell you the absolute truth, with cryptocurrency. I spent the vast majority of my twenties really zeroed in on my profession in the automotive industry, outside of a few basic vanilla investments I was too preoccupied to look for opportunities outside of my day to day life. Luckily I happened across a customer one day that was trying to make a large purchase in bitcoin. Which of course at the time I had never even heard of, once I did and had the concept of crypto/decentralized currency put into my head i couldn’t get away from it. Especially once I realized how much money there was to be made in it. It became a point of frustration that I felt like I had let the early years of that opportunity slip away, so I became obsessed with finding a way to fully capitalize on what I believed would be the next breakthrough industry. 

What inspired you to choose this niche, considering the legal infrastructure is quite confusing and complicated in and around the US? 

That’s what makes it so exciting in my opinion, with such a large amount of grey area to operate in it really allows us to make cutting edge moves and attempt things that may have been regulated in a more established industry. I like to think of it as being ahead of the curve.

Your initiative, Invest Green, how does it stand unique compared to other similar ventures?

We consider investgreen to really be one of the pioneers in the cannabis industry, not in the sense that we allow mainstream consumers into the market. We all know that access has been on the rise for the past few years, but what makes us unique is our sector is our focus on crypto assets and how we can use them to further our consumers investments and offer a greater rate of return.

What gave you confidence to invest in cannabis stocks?  Did you ever consider it a risk

I’m a big believer in investing, the next amazon or bitcoin is always just around the corner and if you aren’t trying/looking for new things or ideas then the chances are you’ll be left out in the cold. I would much rather roll the dice and potentially lose out then to have never tried at all.

You have a strong point of view on our day to day political affairs and have been quite vocal about it lately, are you on your way to become a politician?

I am, and I’ve been lucky enough to be pointed in the right direction so far by a few much more experienced individuals. But to be honest we’ve only just begun laying the groundwork for what we’d like to do and how we’d like to do it. There are a myriad of laws restricting fundraising for political parties that aren’t mainstream, what we’re in the process of doing is fundraising for a movement that would give us the financial backing to start the legal process to level the proverbial playing field. 

In your opinion, especially when the world is fighting a pandemic, how should be our way forward?

Without touching on one side of the political spectrum or the other, the easiest answer is together. Whether you’re for or against all the current restrictions, people need to come together. Having a society where we’re so against and always up in arms against each other is not only bad for current relations in the country but if we don’t see things improve then we could be looking at long term societal damage. People need to realize, no matter your race, religion, outlook or political opinion we aren’t all that different and it’s time we started realizing that for the greater good.

You are often mentioned as a futurist and philanthropist, could you elaborate on some of your other initiatives?

I’m a firm believer that the current global banking and economic system is defunct, its impact on government and people moving forward is probably what I’m most focused on right now. I’ve tried to combat this by educating the masses about crypto and what a world with a decentralized currency would look like. As far as philanthropy I take a more traditional approach, I’ve been involved most notably with St Judes, Parents Without Partners and Big Brother Big Sister of America.

Being a highly experienced entrepreneur and investor, what advice would you give to others who wish to get started with investing on cannabis stocks?

The single most important thing I would tell anyone getting involved is to make sure you research and understand exactly what you’re getting into. Too many people make investments off of quick decisions and what they think looks and sounds good. This is an exciting time not only in the cannabis industry but for the entire financial sector, with the rise of cryptocurrency and the mainstream banking making moves to combat it along with wallstreet I think there is potential for huge growth over this coming decade. Don’t be afraid to take risks, find someone you can trust and be ready to roll the dice. 

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