Binance Offers 25 Bitcoin For Any Information To Fight KYC Data Hack

Binance User KYC Data Leak

Leading cryptocurrency exchange is in trouble again. It was only a few weeks ago the got hacked and lost over 40 million dollars and from the past few hours rumors been circulating suggesting the KYC of users of the has been compromised.

A channel in the popular social media communication app Telegram has been posting pictures, with customer selfies and other data, claiming it is from the they are withholding from Binance. The vigilant took quick notice of this and later released a statement saying this is all false just to create some FUD. Adding that they have also received threats and harassment demanding 300 bitcoin in exchange for withholding more photos.

The statement released by the also mentions that the team is investigating the issue, and has offered “up to 25 bitcoin” for any helpful information that is legally actionable to fight this. “Please remember that protecting our users’ privacy and keeping our systems secure, including the funds stored within, is our utmost priority. We have numerous measures in place to ensure the safe-keeping of our users’ information, and we will continue to maintain the highest degree of transparency while serving our community.” concludes the statement.

Even though the legitimacy of this leak is yet to be confirmed, discussion groups and crypto communities are filled with messages from concerned users, especially those who have submitted their KYC to the exchange.


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