Yahoo News + Yahoo Finance | How to Get Your News, Articles and Press Releases Published On Yahoo News

Why publish on Yahoo Finance and Yahoo news about your business?

Publishing a piece of news, article or a press release on yahoo news or/and yahoo finance is excellent for your business’ SEO. One of the most important factors to appear on top results on Google search pages when someone searches for your company, business, product or service is having news published on yahoo. Content that’s published on yahoo finance and news always appear very high on search engine results. In addition to that, many other small and medium level news websites and blogs may pick up your news and publish it on their pages as well, further increasing the search engine results and visitors for your web site and business.

A good news article can bring you hundreds or even thousands of visitors, who could be potential customers.

Getting news about your business published on major news platforms like Yahoo will add more brand value to your business. You can even highlight it in your website with banners like As Seen On Yahoo News, Finance” etc. to add more value and credibility to your brand or business, this will make people more confident to use your company or service.

How to get featured in Yahoo News or/and Yahoo Finance

The traditional way is to pitch to a writer who works at Yahoo, who would be interested in what you have to offer. But this could take months if not years to get something published there. The process is complex and time-consuming.

Th easy alternative is to hire a reliable PR agency. But please make sure you don’t overpay and the PR guys you hire deliver on time. At StartupFortune, we recommend using The Express Wire. We’ve been recommending their PR services to startups for quite some time, and they deliver results in time in a very affordable way. You can check their website at

The Express Wire also offers a quick turn around, so you can get your news published within 3 to 5 days. They also have an express delivery where the news would be published on yahoo news, within an hour.

Why publish a news?

PR and News submissions considered an essential part of marketing and SEO. Content marketing, especially news articles have the power to put the word out there on the web for a greater number of readers to view or read. Below, we have included the most important benefits that you can get from publishing a news release or article on Yahoo news or finance.

High quality and authoritative sources, add brand value.
Prompt visibility & referral visitors
Greater online reputation and management
Advertising and marketing benefits
Building brand for companies
Immediate visibility in all major search engines
Potential online media coverage
Backlinks from high page rank sites

Yahoo News + Yahoo Finance | How to Get Your News, Articles, and Press Releases Published On Yahoo News

Press Release Distribution

Our Online Press Release Distribution Service

All companies can benefit from press release distribution services. No matter how small or large your business is and no matter what industry you are in, you can benefit from this distribution. While you may not have that “Oprah story”, you probably have stories that can help you get coverage online. You will certainly not get that publicity unless it illuminates your story.

Why Use Our PR Service To Do Your Press Release Distribution?

It’s easy in your pocket. Most companies write their own PR. The only cost involved in engaging the press release and distribution service is to make the story in the right hands of key members of the media. But even this is economical and, compared to other advertisements, especially paid advertising; It is almost always the cheapest option.

Where Do We Publish Your Press Release?

Increase the visibility and presence of your business online. This is especially important for small businesses, but even large companies have to fight for user mentality. By pursuing a long-term public relations distribution strategy, let your customers know who you are, what you do and how you can help them. It can help you establish yourself as an industry expert. Why is it essential to be seen as experts? First and foremost, experience helps you gain customer trust. Once they find it reliable, they are more likely to use their products / services. In addition, being an expert is beneficial for media relations.

Use the news to buy more customers. With today’s online public relations, the media is no longer the only audience you are writing for. Over 80 million people read online news daily. Most of them are their customers. Therefore, you should consider buyers when writing your public relations. But don’t forget to turn it into an ad. Also, investors are up to date with the latest news. These show the progress and successes of your company can be influential tools to attract investors. Can provide worldwide coverage. Depending on the service provided and the target audience, you can increase your coverage and exposure online worldwide.

Marketers Media – 10 News Platforms You Shouldn’t Miss

For businesses of all sizes and industries, news publishing offers exceptional results. A good PR story works like a magic wand to increase your online presence and gives your brand exposure. This is a crucial element for any business because of the media coverage it provides. Publishing something about your business or brand on major media platforms is essential to be noticed by a large number of audiences. It also builds trust and authority, if a customer notices that something about your company or brand has been published in a major media network, it builds trust and increases their confidence in your business, isn’t it?

This brings us to the next question, what are some of the best places to publish your news?

Here’s Our Marketers Media List

Yahoo News & Finance

yahoo news publishing

Yahoo news is one of the most popular and most read news platforms on the internet. Yes. It’s even better than Google News. The platform gets millions of readers every day. It will definitely be great if your website gets a place there. You can submit a news article or press release to Yahoo News network through one of their content partners. You can reach out to one of their partner networks to pitch your story and get featured there or you can spend about 400-500 dollars to publish it through any of the major news wires. You can also use our PR service to get published on Yahoo News and Finance. Costs $399. It only takes under a week to get your news published there.


The second in our marketers media list is Reuters. Especially for the SEO weight it carries. As you’d already know, Reuters is one of THE most popular international news organizations. It doesn’t directly accept news from individuals but there are ways to get published on their network. Most of their writers and contributors always leave their emails posted on their network and open to accept content tips and pitches. But that of course doesn’t guarantee that you’d get published there.

One important thing about getting published there is that, unlike yahoo, you can get dofollow backlinks from Reuters which will be a huge help with your search engine optimization efforts. So how do you get there? News wires charge from 600 to 900 to publish an article/press release on Reuters. There are several news wires available that will help you publish content on Reuters. Takes about a week and our PR marketing service provides it too. Please feel free to reach out in case.






Startup Fortune


We will update shortly with more information on how to publish on these marketers media platforms.

Study Reveals That Google Earned About 4.7 Billion Dollars From The News Sector In 2018

4.7 billion dollars is the amount Google earned in the area of news business in 2018, through news search and Google News, according to a research published by the News Media Alliance.

Journalists and media platforms who create this content deserve $ 4.7 billion, said David Chavern, president and CEO of the alliance, which represents more than 2,000 newspapers nationwide, including The New York Times.

“They make money from this system,” Chavern said: “News publishers should get a better result.”

That $ 4.7 billion is almost the same as $ 5.1 billion provided by the US information industry as a whole last year for digital advertising – and the News Media Alliance warned that its estimated revenue from Google was conservative. First, it does not take into account the value of the personal data the company collects with consumers each time they click on such an article.
Sign with interest

“The study openly illustrates what we all know so clearly and painfully,” said Terrance C.Z. Egger, CEO of the Philadelphia Inquirer PBC, which publishes The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and “The current dynamics of the relationship between platforms and our industry is devastating.”

The News Media Alliance publishes a study before hearing the House subcommittee on the interrelationships between major technology and media companies.

“News is an important form of content supporting civil society,” says Mr. Chaverna was added. “I think everyone, from readers to writers to politicians, understands that if journalism is over, it is a terrible result whether we can support the republic.”

News Media Alliance based its new report in part on a study conducted by economic consultant Keystone Strategy. Keystone Strategy is based on a statistic that was made public in 2008, when a Google executive estimated that Google News raised $ 100 million. The study also noted how much revenue the company has grown since then, among other factors.

News is an important part of Google’s business, according to the study. About 40 percent of clicks on the platform’s trend queries are for news. That is the content that Google does not pay, according to the report, although it often presents the headlines of the media to the letter. Experts from the industry were pointing out to the fact that big tech companies should show some appreciation for the content that news publishers provide.

Study Says Only 2% Of Bitcoin Transactions Relate To Anything Illegal

Elliptic, a research firm in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), investigated more than 200,000 transactions in the Bitcoin network for their connection with criminal activity.

In order to sort out 203,769 transactions for a total of $ 6 billion, the research team used a machine-learning algorithm. The results were highly controversial: 77% of transactions were not classified at all, 21% were recognized as full and only 2% were illegal. And yet, researchers confidently state that artificial intelligence can significantly increase the effectiveness of anti-money laundering procedures.

Less than month ago, a similar study was conducted by Chainalysis and, according to its data, the share of transactions in the Bitcoin network related to criminal activity in 2019 is estimated at about 1%. That is, in general, the data from Elliptic analysts are almost no different from the results of a study conducted by Chainalysis. Note that in 2012 this figure was 7%.

Law enforcement agencies often turn to Elliptic for help, especially when it is necessary to identify cases of illegal use of cryptocurrencies. Algorithms developed by the company help determine whether Bitcoin is used for legitimate purposes, for example, by people who do not have access to banking services, or if unknown attackers try to use cryptocurrency for illegal activities.

“Despite the high performance indicators of our algorithms, their use is still fraught with some problems, the largest of which is false positives. The main objective of this study was to reduce the number of such responses. However, the key conclusion is that such machine-learning algorithms are very effective at detecting illegal transactions, ”said Elliptic co-founder Tom Robinson.

Robinson also noted that in some cases, the system detected patterns for which it is difficult to find a description, but they corresponded to confirmed cases of illegal activities related to darknet markets, attacks by ransomware and other criminal activity.