Thursday, June 10, 2021

Top DeFi projects of 2021

While there are several already established DeFi projects such as Uniswap and Sushiswap present in the space, there are other promising DeFi projects that are making their way in the blockchain space in 2021.
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    Matt Haycox On What Corona Virus Means For Business Funding In The UK

    The coronavirus is undoubtedly the biggest challenge to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors for several generations.

    An Interview With Ricky Cucalon, The Man Behind The ATM Movement

    In an exclusive with StartupFortune, Ricky Cucalon, the man behind the discusses his entrepreneurial journey.

    An Interview With Leenda Nicole Dejel, The Creative Head Of CatheXis Talent Agency

    An Interview With Dejel, The Creative Head Of CatheXis Talent Agency. Leenda sharing the story behind her entrepreneurial journey and her talent agency, CatheXis.

    An Interview With SafeSense, The Project That’s Building The World’s First Active Safety Bicycle Handlebars

    The brains behind SafeSense are rethinking what bicycle safety means. Using cutting-edge technology used by the likes of Tesla, they want to revolutionize bicycle safety. SafeSense is a startup based out of Philadelphia. 

    An Interview With Pranav Arora, Founder And CEO Of Stunned Mind

    has proven himself to be an entrepreneur at heart, even at a very young age. He's started his first million-dollar business at the age of 16. Pranav is a brilliant businessman driven by a passion to make a change and a keen skillset that it takes to be successful within the world of business. He's the Head of Division at Just Funky where he is also responsible for overseeing B2B and B2C sales and marketing.

    Interview with Michael Evans, CEO of USPA International Security Regarding Security Company Franchises

    Michael Evans is CEO at USPA International and USPA Nationwide Security. This security guard company is the corporate chieftain of an evolving business ecosystem, comprised of several subsidiaries, delivering personal security, anti-kidnapping, human trafficking assistance, safe rooms, security technology and traditional security services in 14 countries since 2005. Panic Room USA builds nuclear shelters, ballistic walls for schools, religious buildings and private individuals all over the world.

    Creating Luxury Footwear Everyone Can Afford: An Interview With Somiar Co-Founder And Designer Josean Cruz

    Josean Cruz, the young, dynamic and talented designer and Co-Founder of talks about Somiar and his passion for premium footwear designs, and their 'dream' that started in Spain.

    An Interview With Adrian Kotowski, The Founder And CEO Of Audiencly

    Interview with Adrian Kotowski, the young and dynamicentrepreneur who's already established several sustainable businesses.Adrian is the founder and CEO Audiencly, an agency that is revolutionizing the way works.

    An Exclusive Interview With Tattoo Model And Entrepreneur Vany Vicious

    is a popular tattoo model born and raised in Dade-County (Miami, FL) She’s been professionally modeling since the age of 18, and has over a decade of experience. In this exclusive interview, Vany talks about her career as a model, her goals and her journey to become a successful model.

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