Potential X Introduces FocusBuds, the World’s First Productivity Boosting Earbuds

FocusBuds by Potential X are smart earbuds that uses EEG Neurofeedback to help people get into the flow state

Palo Alto, CA, Oct. 30, 2019: In today’s world of open offices and constant distractions from iPhone notifications and online advertisements, it is harder and harder for people to focus. Over the course of our careers, 20,000 hours are wasted on being distracted in the workplace. Potential X wants to change this with their latest product, the FocusBuds – which Kevin O’Leary from the Shark Tank calls the “next step in the evolution of earbuds”.

These game-changing earbuds are now live on Indiegogo. The FocusBuds is a pair of next-generation wireless earbuds that brings together state-of-the-art audio integrated with EEG Neurofeedback technology to help users achieve focus like never before.

The FocusBuds works by tracking the user’s brain activity in real-time with embedded EEG biosensors, it then provides a gentle audio cue to alert users whenever their focus drops. This type of conditioning is called EEG Neurofeedback and works to train the users’ brain to concentrate and eliminate procrastination.

Invented in the late 1950s, EEG Neurofeedback technology has been repeatedly proven to enhance performance (Gruzeier, 2016) and is as powerful as Ritalin (Fuchs, 2016). However, this technology has previously only been accessible to F500 CEOs, NASA astronauts and peak performance gurus like Tony Robbins – who spent $15,000 a week on the same technology that is now available to the general public for only $249.

Renowned NASA Scientists Alan Pope from the Langley Research Centre suggests that “embedding beneficial, helpful biofeedback in everyday activities will be a valuable contribution to society”. Co-founder Sahin Ozsoy responded in detail, emphasising that this is precisely the mission of Potential X which is “to help unlock human potential by making this technology affordable and accessible to everyone.”

On top of EEG Neurofeedback, FocusBuds also has real-time AI focus tracking, wireless connectivity and noise isolation among a host of other premium features. It is not hard to see why the FocusBuds are shaping up to be one of the most advanced cognitive-enhancing wearables in 2020.

About Potential X

Potential X has offices in Palo Alto and London. The company was originally founded by a group of neuroscientists, machine learning experts and entrepreneurs who came together to serve a common purpose: working together to make affordable and accessible tools for unlocking human potential.

The Potential X Focusbuds is currently on Indiegogo at over 35% off retail prices.


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With a Vision To Boost Adoption Of Cryptocurrency Vexa Global Brings New Platform to Provide Blockchain Services

Blockchain technology is scaling newer heights of success at an unbelievably fast pace and Vexa Global, a Tallinn based cryptocurecy and tehnologue company aims to provide innovators and technology enthusiasts around the world with an all in one solutions platform to get their innovations to the next level.

The power of innovation made this world a hub of technologies. Among the various innovations, innovation based on blockchain ecosystem is emerging at a faster rate. In this blockchain field, Vexa Global, the platform created by Thomas Alvec to enable the blockchain services to facilitate faster integration of the world and will introduce a range of prospects for business entities, commercial organisations and individuals to help them accelerate development and marketing.

Vexa Global is a team of specialists in the IT, cryptocurrency trading and modern technologies. Their specialist team have been involved in various ICO projects, building blockchain infrastructure, designing software for ATMs, cryptocurrency exchanges. The team always focuses on global analysis, solid research and modern technologies that give them unique opportunities which allow them to better anticipate risks and create fantastic results, thus protecting their client’s wallets from any risk. The company offers various products such as crypto ATM with state of the art hardware, cryptocurrency exchanges solutions and payment system.

One of the important visions of Vexa Global is to construct the world’s largest ATM infrastructure for exchanging (buying and selling) bitcoins and several other top cryptocurrencies. Each ATM machine they make will have many additional functions such as additional safe inside, banknote recycler, different types of banknote cassettes, many languages, camera, and fingerprint scanner, etc. More info about the online ATM shop can be found at – https://vgpartner.eu

VG Partner is an expert centre for bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and fin-tech solutions with locations in the Estonia and United States. We believe that Bitcoin and blockchain technology will essentially change how society interacts in the years to come. Our mission is to make Bitcoin graspable and offer easy access to this technology.

VG Partner is providing a wide range of high-quality solutions for Cryptocurrency and traditional payment and self-service solutions. The success of VG Partner is based on cooperation and development of foreign markets by offering products that are high-demand and competitive in the European Union, the CIS, Asia, South America, and Africa. The strong growth of the company is tightly related with the steady increase in the market of Cryptocurrency worldwide.

Also Vision of Vexa Global revolves around following points:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange https://vg.exchange/ – take it to top 10 exchanges.
  • Create a cryptocurrency ecosystem with native cryptocurrency.
  • Creating new startups in the IT industry
  • 15% commission from every transaction on Vexa Global ATM or from other payment system will be given to Vexa Global foundation which will fight against ocean pollution and rescue of endangered marine species.
  • Education of business partners about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Creating and implementing own revolutionary payment system around the world using cryptocurrencies.
  • Creating the largest events for enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and modern technologies.

Vexa Global’s chief executive officer Thomas Alvec has been widely known for helping one of the largest companies to introduce one of the early ATMs three years ago to help people buy and sell bitcoins in the United States. With a team of dozens of engineers, marketing specialists and experienced traders Vexa Global intends to provide the entrepreneurs and businesses who are engaging in the industry to build smarter innovations in the blockchain. The company enables the blockchain ecosystem and the underlying technology to facilitate faster integration of the ‘internet of things’. The founder of the company had previously assisted with creation of government projects for different countries implementing blockchain technology and contributing to the global adoption of blockchain technology.

About Vexa Global

Thomas AlvecVexa Global is a Tallinn based IT enterprise founded in the year 2019. Thomas Alvec, with his passion to build innovations that apply intelligent technologies that ease complex solutions created the company by assigning a team of specialists in information technology, internet of things and experienced developers. Vexa Global currently employs dozens of developers, marketing specialists and experienced traders; the team also has people who work remotely. The initiative intends to provide the entrepreneurs and businesses who are engaging in the industry to build smarter innovations as it can be challenging to understand what the actual benefits of blockchain solutions without having an experienced company to work with.

Over the years Global Partner LLC has been involved in various digital currency projects, building blockchain projects infrastructure, designing software for ATMs and cryptocurrency exchanges. The firm established their first office under the new brand Vexa Global in Europe in Estonia, Tallinn to provide services to their partners from Europe and Asia. In Vexa Global office there is a trading room, where the firm’s traders work from Monday to Friday along with a marketing department that is constantly working on new projects. Vexa Global works with a team of technology and finance hotheads. More details about the company can be found at: https://vexaglobal.com

Media contact information:

Name: Thomas Alvec
Company: Global partner LLC
Email: info@vexaglobal.com
Website: https://vexaglobal.com

GlobalGeeks Inc. Becomes The Fastest-growing Company In The U.S. Specializing in Remarketing of Second Hand Consumer Electronics That Were Once In Your Drawer Collecting Dust

By bringing a sustainability in mobile phone industry, GlobalGeeks Inc., the New Jersey based startup group has evolved as a fastest growing U.S company by recreating renewed consumer electronics & valuable mobile services.

In this fast paced world, people routinely race from one thing to another in every walk of their life, moving as quickly as they can and filling up every second with as much activity as possible. But they tend to forget about the importance of recreating and refurbishing. By using this immense potential providing technique of refurbishing the used mobile phones, GlobalGeeks has revolutionized the mobile services industry. The company offers high quality renewed and affordable second-hand phones, tablets and other consumer electronics with a warranty so the users globally can enjoy excellent devices at very affordable prices with responsible customer service.

GlobalGeeks is one of the most trusted companies in the U.S that acts as a global authenticated and a direct source of mobile devices. By providing a service that covers companies and users globally, the company desires to further grow in other countries by increasing their recovery on excess inventory. The company actually gives a hand to people especially for those who can’t afford the brand new devices, by delivering them like-new used handsets that comes with a warranty. Every device that GlobalGeeks collects and recovers undergoes through a very severe 60-point inspection process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Devices are available in multiple grade levels such as A+, A, A/B, B/C, C etc. Based upon the grade level requirement by the customer, the product will be delivered to them. The company aims to help the clients by refurbishing and reusing electronics by extending the life of a product to keep them out of the waste stream. “To truly succeed in life, adding value to others always comes first. Once you achieve others goals & dreams, you’re on the right track to achieve yours.” shares Mr. Ahmad Loul, CEO and founder of the company.

About GlobalGeeks

Established in 2017, the company is headquartered in New Jersey, U.S.A. GlobalGeeks is a U.S. privately held responsible tech solutions company that specializes in consumer electronics and contributes to the best re-use of electronic devices extending its life span. The firm provides retailers, wholesalers, corporations and international traders with premier mobile services that range from device distribution and refurbishing to asset recovery solutions. They have multiple offices which are located in U.S., Europe, Middle East, and South America. GlobalGeeks has a variety of certifications, spanning precise quality standards and environmental responsibility. More details about the company and its services can be found at: www.globalgeeks.com

Media Contact Information:

Name: Cara Doherty
Company: GlobalGeeks Inc.
Email: Cara@globalgeeks.com
Website: https://globalgeeks.com

Armand Peri And Carol Alt Attend The New York Fashion Week By Designer Adrian Alicea

At the invitation of renowned fashion designer Adrian Alicea, Armand Peri, the NYC based artist and award-winning bodybuilder attends the New York Fashion Week as VIP Guest with Carol Alt.

Armand PeriUndoubtedly one of the most anticipated fashion events of 2019, New York Fashion Week brings together the best of the best of the fashion industry. The busy and entertaining fashion week is always a shining star in the industry where fashion’s who’s who sits up and pays attention. This year’s NY fashion week was no different. At the invitation of Celebrity designer Adrian Alicea, the award-winning bodybuilder Armand Peri, who’s also an author and artist attended the week to witness the unveiling of Adrian’s latest fashion line.

“What I love most about NYFW is not just having the opportunity to witness all the up to date designs prior to them showing up in stores, but you will have an incredible amount of fun as well. I’ve always admired Adrian’s work and he’s been a good friend. Being there watching his designs unroll is quite an experience. Adrian’s new collection is ingeniously creative and he had over 70 models showcasing his talented new clothing line” says Mr. Armand Peri about the event. He was attending the week accompanying the famous actress and model, Carol Alt. For someone who is 58 years old, she looked beautiful on the catwalk and gained a lot of appreciation from attendees including celebrities and journalists.

New York’s fashion week is definitely one of the main circuits in the entire fashion world. The platform that allows seasoned and rising fashion designers to showcase their craft to the industry had a good line-up of celebrity attendees this year as well. The line of celebrities who attended the fashion week includes Miley Cyrus, Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham, Cara Delevingne, Vanessa Hudgens, Zendaya, Offset, Quavo of Migos, Brittany Snow, Delilah Belle Hamlin and many more.

The event that unveiled Adrian’s new collection, featured supermodel Rudy Bundini on the runway, who also showcased the newly designed fall and winter clothes designed by Ron Tomson. “Adrian Alicea’s new collection was ingeniously creative and he had over 70 models showcasing his talented new clothing line” adds Mr. Peri.

About  Armand Peri

Armand Peri
Armand Peri is an award-winning bodybuilder, author, artist and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Hunk-O-Mania nightclub. Born and raised in Portugal, Peri migrated to the US when he was 12 years old and currently based out of New York City. He received his First Class BA (Hons) degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. More details about him can be found at: https://armandperi.com

Media Contact Information

Name: Alex Perry

Company: New Age Public Relations, Inc.

Email: info@armandperi.com

Website: armandperi.com

Address: New York, NY 10036

Phone: (866) 872-4865

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/lifeperiway/

Costruire una miniera d’oro: la storia di Davide Bongiovanni e Alessio Vinassa

L’oro è un metallo raro con caratteristiche fisiche ricercate. L’oro e le sue leghe sono utilizzati in gioielleria, per coniare monete e sono uno standard di cambio per molti paesi. L’oro ha trovato sempre più spazio nelle applicazioni industriali, grazie alla sua resistenza alla corrosione e alle sue notevoli proprietà elettriche. Altri usi includono:

Alessio Vinassa

– nei componenti elettronici: svolge funzioni fondamentali in molti computer, in apparecchiature di telecomunicazione, in motori a reazione e in numerose applicazioni industriali. È ampiamente usato come materiale di rivestimento per le superfici dei contatti elettrici, per garantire la resistenza alla corrosione nel tempo;
– nel campo dell’astronautica: la foglia d’oro è contenuta nelle visiere della tuta spaziale per la protezione dalla luce solare, garantendo la necessaria schermatura, non solo dalla luce visibile e ultravioletta, ma anche dalla luce infrarossa;
– per scopi medici, come la realizzazione di otturazioni e ponti in odontoiatria;
– per scopi ornamentali;
– per le premiazioni;
– nel campo culinario.

L’oro è sempre stato un metallo speciale per l’umanità ed è considerato una fonte di ricchezza sin dalla sua prima estrazione, ai tempi del re Creso a Lidia nel 550 a.C. Si trova nel suo stato nativo sotto forma di pepite, granaglie e granelli in rocce e depositi alluvionali.

L’oro è una risorsa limitata. Secondo il World Gold Council, un’organizzazione commerciale internazionale che conta tra le sue compagnie alcune delle maggiori aziende di estrazione dell’oro, finora sono state estratte poco più di 190.000 tonnellate di oro. Ciò equivale a oltre 6 miliardi di once, che possono sembrare molto, ma che rappresenta ancora meno di un’oncia d’oro per ogni abitante del pianeta. In particolare, oltre i due terzi dell’oro è stato estratto dal 1950. Se tutto l’oro mai prodotto fosse fuso, si adatterebbe in una scatola di 21 metri cubi.

Non si sa quanto oro sia ancora presente nel sottosuolo, ma nel corso degli anni, dati sempre più rilevanti ci permetteranno di capirlo, anche grazie dell’attività di estrazione dell’oro.
L’estrazione dell’oro è un’attività globale con operazioni in tutti i continenti, ad eccezione dell’Antartide, e l’oro viene estratto da miniere di varia natura e scala. In questo articolo, racconteremo la storia di una società di estrazione dell’oro con sede in Africa e con origini italiane: Inti Gold Global 2 Sarl.

Inti Gold Global 2 Sarl opera nel settore dell’estrazione aurifera e ha sede in Burkina Faso, nazione dell’Africa occidentale. Fondato da due imprenditori italiani, Alessio Vinassa e Davide Bongiovanni, che nel 2010 hanno deciso di creare quella che sarebbe stata la svolta della loro vita. Il sogno era grande, basare un’attività sul mercato di un prodotto la cui domanda è sempre maggiore dell’offerta: l’oro.

Davide Bongiovanni, dopo trent’anni nel settore immobiliare, era determinato a realizzare il progetto di una vita: aprire un’azienda nel campo dell’oro, il metallo più prezioso al mondo. Alessio Vinassa, con la sua conoscenza dell’estrazione e il forte desiderio di iniziare il suo progetto, si è unito a Davide Bongiovanni e al loro nuovo obiettivo. L’idea era di costruire una miniera d’oro a cielo aperto nel Burkina Faso. La miniera di superficie è un tipo utilizzato per estrarre depositi di risorse minerali vicino alla superficie. Nella maggior parte delle forme di miniere a cielo aperto, le attrezzature pesanti, come gli escavatori, rimuovono prima il deposito di roccia e terra sopra il deposito. Quindi macchinari pesanti, come l’escavatore a tazze, estraggono minerali.

Il luogo per l’inizio dell’attività era in Burkina Faso. È uno dei paesi più poveri del mondo, ma con un immenso tesoro. Negli strati superficiali, tra la sabbia e la ghiaia, è possibile trovare polvere d’oro. I fili d’oro corrono anche per chilometri sotto la terra, dove le pepite rimangono intrappolate nella roccia.
Il Burkina Faso è stato scelto sia per la vasta presenza di oro che per la mancanza di petrolio. L’’”oro nero” è sempre stato motivo di conflitti e la sua assenza garantisce una nazione pacifica.

Alessio Vinassa e Davide Bongiovanni iniziarono la ricerca del terreno percorrendo 70 mila chilometri di strade sterrate in sei mesi. Nel 2013 presero in sub-locazione il loro primo pezzo di terra. Investirono 50 mila euro per acquistare il loro primo escavatore, un camion, una terna e due mulini. Dopo settimane di lavoro, il primo oro vide portato alla luce.

Il progetto ha iniziato ad attirare l’attenzione e i primi finanziatori fanno la loro comparsa. Grazie ai loro contributi, è stata possibile l’acquisizione di una nuova concessione. Su queste terre ebbe origine Inti Gold Global 2 Sarl. Un’impresa ambiziosa, con l’obiettivo di creare una miniera a cielo aperto abbastanza grande e profonda da raggiungere i filoni d’oro, dove il metallo si trova in grosse quantità. Numerosi studi sul terreno hanno identificato i fili d’oro a una profondità di circa trenta metri, che saranno raggiunti da numerosi scavi.
Oggi il Burkinabè lavora in Inti Gold Global 2, nel ruolo di operai, ingegneri, cuochi e geologi.

La costruzione dell’impianto e la concretezza del progetto sono obiettivi che hanno aperto le porte a nuove possibilità. I primi fondi di investimento sono interessati a partecipare al progetto, entrando con Inti Gold Global 2 Sarl nel settore dell’estrazione dell’oro. Per secoli, investire in oro fisico ha dimostrato di essere un metodo molto efficace per preservare la ricchezza di coloro che lo cercano. Di fatto, al di là di tutte le previsioni, l’oro ha mantenuto il suo valore nelle fasi più acute della recessione, come in quella attuale. Questo è uno dei motivi per cui i prezzi dell’oro sono saliti a livelli record negli ultimi anni. Con l’aggiunta di fondi al progetto, la quotazione di Inti Gold Global 2 Sarl raggiungerà un nuovo record, ma solo il primo di molti! C’è una grande quantità di oro nella loro concessione che sta solo aspettando di essere estratta.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VinassaAlessio
Blog: https://alessiovinassa.blog/
TC CrunchBase: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/alessio-vinassa
Reuters: https://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=147301
Medium: https://medium.com/@mervikhaums/alessio-vinassa-una-storia-di-miniere-doro-274cbc749c15
USA Today: http://classifieds.usatoday.com/press/italian-entrepreneur-alessio-vinassa-creates-a-payment-institution/

Victoria Everest Is Leading The Way In The World Of Wellness

Every element of her brand is infused with power and transformation – and is grounded in the belief that self-love is the first, most important step in each and every wellness journey.

Victoria takes an innovative and holistic approach to exercise and nutrition that works with your body, not against it. She will help you create a beautiful body by focusing on your health and happiness. Balancing the four core pillars of mindset, nutrition, movement and sleep, we’ll teach you to listen to your body to feel amazing.

Victoria is relentless in her pursuit of excellence, she has integrated advanced scientific research with unrivalled care and compassion for the perfect balance of health and vitality. Victoria is trusted to give honest, personalised and expert wellbeing advice for a happy and healthy life.

“I want to build a global community of strong, empowered women that need efficient results and a holistic approach to health and fitness. I want to lead all the working mum’s towards a healthier, happier life, that doesn’t involve hundreds of hours at the gym or restrictive diets (because really which mother do you know has time for that!). I want to share my personal techniques and habits that have transformed me from size 18 to a comfortable, maintainable size 10 and a much happier human being.”

Victorias Blueprint

“Using the Four Pillars of Health, I strive to uncover the most beautiful you and develop healthful habits to elevate your Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Sleep. Once your mind and body are working in perfect harmony, you’ll develop an intuitive knowing that will streamline your transformation.

Any change that happens in the body, happens in the mind first.
Movement is medicine.
Nourish your body, don’t count calories.
Sleep is where the magic happens

In short, you’ll become an expert of your own well being, and create a blueprint for the joyful, healthy life you deserve”.

More details about Victoria can be found at here Instagram handle: https://instagram.com/victoria__everest

Website: https://www.victoriaeverest.co.uk


Malicious Redirect Campaign Attacks WordPress Websites, Redirecting Visitors To Harmful Sites

Be careful with your WordPress websites and make sure to keep everything updated. Reports from various media platforms point to a malicious redirect campaign that’s targeting WordPress websites by exploiting vulnerabilities in some plugins. These attacks are redirecting visitors to several harmful websites.

Here’s a list of plugins where potential vulnerabilities have been found:

https://wordpress.org/ plugins/nd-shortcodes/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/nd-donations/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/nd-travel/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/nd-booking/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/nd-learning/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/simple-301-redirects-addon-bulk-uploader/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/woo-confirmation-email/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/yellow-pencil-visual-theme-customizer/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/responsive-coming-soon/
https://wordpress.org/ plugins/blog-designer/

If you are using any of these plugins in your wodpress installations, reach out to the plugin support to fix it or disable it till you make sure it’s safe to use.

Also, make sure you have a reliable WordPress Security Plugin installed on your website.

Data source: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2019/08/malicious-wordpress-redirect-campaign-attacking-several-plugins/

Siam Commercial Bank Of Thailand To Use Ripple For Cross-border Payments With Easy Pay App

Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand uses Ripple for cross-border payments with the Easy Pay application. That has been confirmed in an update on its website. There has been speculation about this news for several months. Now there is finally clarity. They also provide a complete description of how the technology is used and implemented.

The application allows SBC Thailand customers to easily send money to countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Singapore. Payments to the United Kingdom and Singapore are even made in real time. The SBC has been around for over 100 years and is the third largest bank in Thailand.

A few months ago, the SBC announced that they would use Ripple. At that time, xRapid was named as the company’s technology. This is a payment system in which the XRP token plays an important role. However, today it was officially announced that it is xCurrent. There are no benefits for XRP holders.

This is a point of hate for many people who own XRP coins. xCurrent is just the system that banks can use to commit. Payments where XRP can be used are not included in this piece of technology. Therefore, this collaboration does not immediately lead to an additional demand for the currency. You can see it as a disappointment for fans who had high expectations of this collaboration.

The cooperation between the bank and Ripple goes back to 2016. The chief technology officer, Colin Dinn, says he believes that banks that are not going to use the blockchain technique will have a very difficult time.

We saw that it offers a solution in which the client is central. Offer something our customers want. It was not something that we as a bank wanted to promote. With Ripple we have found a way and a partner in which we can work very differently from what we are used to. We have ambition and we want to do things differently and change. We see that a bank will be less relevant for customers in the coming years.

US Retail Giant Walmart Wants Patent For Blockchain Driven Drone

Walmart has filed a patent application for a drone communication system based on blockchain technology. With this, the retail giant, one of the largest companies in the business, wants to patent a drone communication system.

With the system, the operating parameters of a drone can be encoded and stored. This allows drones to pass through each other’s locations. This is because the receiving drone can decrypt, read and decrypt the parameters.

Since 2017, the retail giant has patented blockchain solutions for drones. In May 2017, for example, Walmart filed a patent application for a ‘Unmanned Air Delivery to a Safe Place’ system. Walmart has been flirting with cryptocurrencies for some time. Earlier this month, a patent was filed for a digital currency based on blockchain. According to the documents, Walmart ‘wants to launch a digital currency based on a regular currency such as the US dollar. So, this is really a stable currency.

On May 17, 2018, a patent application was filed for a blockchain solution for a market or a second-hand items platform. The application describes a service that records a customer’s purchases in the blockchain. This allows the customer to resell items on a sales platform using proof of purchase.

Sony Reinvents The Iconic ‘Walkman’ On Its 40th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the iconic device, Sony reinvents the ‘once popular’ Walkman.

40 years ago, when the world economy suffered the second oil crisis, in the month of July, Sony unleashed a dark blue shiny device into the world, a machine with thick silver buttons, the Walkman TPS-L2. With an insane price of 33,000 yen, the first-generation Walkman could not record, but its stereo music playback function quickly captured hearts in Japan and then the world.

It had two headphone jacks, labeled “children” and “dolls,” to allow two people to listen simultaneously. A bright orange “direct line” button could be pressed to decrease the volume while the couple was chatting. After a disappointing first month when only 3,000 units were sold, sales exploded and finally reached 1.5 million worldwide for the first model. The second model, the WM-2, which came in red, black and silver, registered sales of 2.58 million.

Over the next four decades, Sony sold more than 420 million “Walkman” and stopped counting the number of models it had produced when it reached the 1,000 mark, about 15 years ago. The Japanese electronics giant chose the name in part because of Superman’s popularity at the time and the fact that it was based on an existing audio recorder called “Pressman.”

Since then, the word “Walkman” has entered into everyday language, but the device was initially called “Soundabout”, “Stowaway” or “Freestyle” in some parts of the world. Sony continued production of the Walkman cassette tape until 2010, long after the technology had been first surpassed by Compact Disc in the 1980s and MiniDisc Walkman in 1992.

Like many in the industry, the Japanese firm was shaken by the appearance of Apple’s iPod when suddenly a listener’s music collection was available on the move. But Sony has struggled to keep up and the latest high-end versions cost more than $2,000 and are more like a smartphone with flash memory and high resolution audio, far from the first generations. A first edition of Walkman presented as new and never used recently sold for 1.3 million yen, 40 times its initial price.