Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Inner Matrix Systems Comments on Cultivating High Achievers: 7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Help Employees Be Their Very Best Selves

Your company depends on having the very best employees. Finding great people to join your company is one thing but keeping them invested in...
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    Ethereum Records Insane Transaction Fee Of Over 2.5 Million Dollars, Not Once, But Twice!

    Whether it’s a miraculous coincidence or an error from the network or a larger money laundering plot as some may claim, Ethereum network has recorded a transaction fee of 10,668.73185 Ether, approximately $2.5 million not just once, but two times recently.

    Giving Japan Credit for Response to COVID-19

    The world has gone through some extraordinary past few months. Everyone, regardless of race, creed, gender, or age, facing the challenges that the COVID-19...

    CommBox Unveils A Brand-New Software Update

    CommBox the vastly used omnichannel customer service software lately released a new and improved software update that presents a wonderfully updated designed user interface and advanced automation features to make users usage more accessible and effective while using the system.

    Himalayan Hermitage Brings Specialized Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan

    offers specialized yoga and meditation journeys throughout the Himalayas - namely in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. These journeys are designed for those who wish to travel with a meaningful purpose, both internally and externally. Internally, during these journeys we contemplate the wisdom tradition of the Himalayas as we learn meditation and Buddhist philosophy.

    To Help Save The Jobs Affected By Automation Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Pledges $5 Million to Andrew Yang’s Humanity Forward

    In an effort to support he former presidential candidate ’s universal basic income and COVID-19 relief efforts, witter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey donates 5 million dollars to the nonprofit organization, reports The Verge.

    JJAIBOT’s Covid-19 AI App Helps Detecting the Symptoms by Analysing CT Scan Data

    The AI project, founded by Julian Jewel Jeyaraj which has been globally appreciated for its recent air quality app, has brought another app that uses NIH data sources and applies machine learning on it for predictive analytics; to detect COVID-19 with 99% accuracy.

    Vietnam Begins Covid-19 Vaccine Tests Developed by Collaborating Scientists at VABIOTECH and the U.K.’s Bristol University

    Medical staff test a potential coronavirus vaccine on mice at a laboratory in Khanh Hoa Province in central Vietnam.

    John Dodelande, at the service of contemporary Chinese art

    , a young man in his thirties but with an impressive background, has a real passion for Art and more particularly for contemporary...

    Bolive Limited Brings New Multi Investment Platform With Highest Level of Integrity

    To help investors who are seeking to capitalize on the global pandemic times, UK Bolive limited, a community that is constantly growing and developing, attracting new partners and leaders; introduces a multi investment platform with the highest level of integrity.

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