Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Healthcare Workers the New Catalyst to Change

People have shown a lot of concern for their health in the time of pandemic. A lot of attention has been paid to health...
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    Zoh: A New Revolution in Probiotic Food Industry

    Founded by nutrition research scientist , is riding the wave with its flavoured kombucha and DIY culture range. Saloni founded Zoh...

    Amazon India’s Online Pharmacy and What This means for Local Start-up Pharmacies

    Amazon recently launched its first online drugstore in India, starting with a trial in Bangalore as it attempts to grab more of the country's...

    Hyper Chain Founder Stelian Balta Expresses Optimism on New DeFi Startup Projects

    Founder and CEO of Singapore based Hyper Chain Capital expresses optimism on the arrival of many new projects in the web 3.0 industry. HyperChain CEO...

    COVID 19 – A Setback For the Logistics Sector

    Since the day, the pandemic COVID 19 made its appearance in the human body, a frightening atmosphere tends to set worldwide. People seem to...

    How to Make Your First Sale Online [Case Study Infographic]

    An is by far the best way to demonstrate any idea or marketing plan. As it is a visual representation of information, data and knowledge, the viewer get a very clear idea about whatever the graphic is built for.

    How Covid-19 Is Affecting Fundraising For Tech Start-Ups

    Covid-19 has created dramatic changes in the way we work, and this is particularly true for startups. While a few businesses have seen some silver linings, many tech firms have noticed a slowdown. Unfortunately for startups, this also means fewer funding opportunities.

    Why Fine Wine Can be Top of Class in Coronavirus Investment Opportunities

    The market has been highly erratic, as experts continue to debate the long-term economic impact of the pandemic. The good news is that there are still some promising investment opportunities. Investors may need to consider alternative investments instead of relying solely on equities, bonds, and other traditional assets.

    The Push for a Cashless Society and Cryptocurrency Future

    As many parts of the world continue to deal with the consequences of COVID-19, some major governments are starting to deepen their interest in what a cashless society would look like, and how digital currencies can come into play. A recent report by Deloitte cited that a prediction that at least one Nordic country will become ‘de facto cashless’ by 2025. Another recent survey showed that two-thirds of people use digital payments for more than half of their purchases.

    CBD Companies Can Process Payments Through

    Are you in the high-risk vertical market? Getting tired of looking for a reliable payment solution for high-risk industry? Don’t worry! CloudBanking got you...

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