Thursday, January 21, 2021

Startups In The Indian Pharma Industry Are Minting Billionaires

India’s pharma and healthcare space is counting in billions now and creating new billionaires in the country. According to a Business Standard report seven...
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    Hyderabad Based Startup E-Trio Aims to Make Vehicles Eco-friendly

    Climate change is one of the main problems faced by the world today. In 2019, the Earth’s surface temperature was the second warmest since...

    Alix Inch Changes the Way Traders are Mentored With Unique Training Platform The Forex Organisation

    The Forex Organisation offers a unique training program for those people. 's team nurtures their students from the first day of studies to the moment when they are ready to conduct their independent trades.

    The Journey of an Artificially Emotional Bot to Make the World a Better Place

    With the advent of a digital computer or computer-controlled robots that perform tasks commonly associated with , our world is about to change in shocking and amazing ways.

    JJAIBOT’s Covid-19 AI App Helps Detecting the Symptoms by Analysing CT Scan Data

    The AI project, founded by Julian Jewel Jeyaraj which has been globally appreciated for its recent air quality , has brought another app that uses NIH data sources and applies machine learning on it for predictive analytics; to detect COVID-19 with 99% accuracy.

    Forget Netflix Hulu and Amazon Prime, You Need to Know About the Free Tv and Movie Streaming Service Tubi

    Tubi is a free Netflix replacement with thousands of great TV shows and movies. It is the largest video service in the United States, with over 20,000 movies and TV series available today.

    What Android Phone Has The Best Camera

    Before now, there used to be a little digital camera at every family event, special outing, and whatnots. Existing phones at that time could only take close-up snapshots, so cameras did the work at the events. These days, most people find it needles to carry around a dedicated device for taking pictures and capturing special moments and views. Camera phones have come a long way to get here.

    BYPPO Technologies Brings Free App To South Florida Restaurants During The Covid 19 Pandemic

    As a public service gesture, South Florida Based is offering its’ new web based ordering app to all South for free use during the Covid 19 pandemic. The Byppo app gives restaurants the ability to integrate online curbside pickup with absolute minimal contact. dropped this value bomb on social media marketing in this interview

    “We are using Influencers to get in touch with new customers for the first time. We have found this a successful way to help...

    Tiny Robots To Teach Children, Educational Company Launches mTiny Robot

    Tiny Robots To Teach Children, Educational Company Launches mTiny Robot   The global provider of educational solutions STEAM Makeblock today launches its new product. It is...

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